Thursday, October 9, 2008


My sister called me today to tell me she'd just gotten out of jail. LMAO this girl is riding around in the suburbs with expired tags, no license and no insurance card. She didn't even know she was in jail until she got back home!! The officer tells her to follow him back to the station, then once they arrived they promptly impounded her car. Then they let her go on an i bond (I have no idea if I'm phrasing that right). The officer told her she had to show up in court on her court date or they would put a warrant out for her arrest, she says she asked the officer, you're kidding is it really that serious and after looking at her crazy for a moment he says YES!!

She got home and asked her boyfriend what an eyes bond was and he said fool you were in jail, this crazy girl didn't even know ROFL.

So in light of that story I thought of our other funny family jail moment....

My mother is probably the most law abiding citizen I know (besides the freebies she thrives on when the cashier at wal-mart forgets to charge her for something) she has never smoked, probably count the drinks she's had in her lifetime on one hand and has never ever done drugs; she's a sweetheart and super innocent and nice. So when I was about 11 and got a collect call from her to tell us she was in jail you can understand our surprise. Apparently she was down town waiting with a gang of people for the CTA bus (public transit for out-of-towners) and the bus pulls up full of people. She claims an plain clothes cop opened up the back door of the bus and started letting people on. Shortly after she got on the bus she and everyone that came on with her were hauled off the bus and put in a paddy wagon and arrested. LMAO this was NOT funny when she came home that night so we giggled and laughed in private until she got over it and now laughs at it too. The guy needless to say was not a plain clothes cop and he was also arrested. You have to know this woman to get the best of this story but trust the shit is still laugh out loud funny at every family function.


Anonymous said...

wow....I am still a bit can you be locked up and not know it. Oh, forgive momma...she thought the ride was free that day. They didnt have to go that far with that...they could have just made everyone get off the bus and would have taken less money and cost to do so

Anonymous said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I was firstttttttt!!!

Yeeeeaaaahhh! oh and now second


clnmike said...

Lol, I got put in a holding cell for the same reason, but the cops were cool and let me out.

Jail is always funny when it hapens to good people for silly things.

Ebony Intuition said...

wow that's crazy

Ruthibelle said...

lol. That musta been an experience tho... specially when you're like, what the...??

The F$%K it List said...

I don't know your momma but that was HIGH-LARIOUS! Just too damn funny.

and your sister boyfriend answer PRICELESS

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