Thursday, October 16, 2008

In Somebody Else's Bed

It's not what you think I'm in a hotel :-)

My travels for the day are finally over and after a less than appetizing dinner from Olive Garden (WTF, I'm in Canton, OH. No disrespect Ohio dwellers) I'm ready for bed chilling watching the Notebook. Seriously I so should not be watching this right now because it breaks me apart errrtime and on top of that I'm missing my husband. I always miss him like crazy when I'm on the road. So much of our lives are wrapped up in each other it's like I'm half of me when he's not around that shit is crazy.

He did call and give me the guilt trip again a minute ago because he deals with our separations that way, no hard feelings I just know that's how he is. I try to keep my trips to two to three days tops so it's not that bad but sleeping is hard as hell with out my strength wrapped around me. Our 2 year anniversary is Saturday and it already feels like a lifetime. My girl asked me if I ever worry about it fading you know when we're 40 and tripping off the mid life and all that shit and I don't. I look forward to maturing with him, hell I look forward to helping him look for his teeth when we're 80 I just know. I just knew when we chose each other for life, he's part of me. That's the thing about love, it just turns you out.

So I have two 4 hour training sessions tomorrow so I hope my voice can hold up for the long haul. The worst part about training is the blank stares you get when you fish for feedback and questions. You just feel like a dumb ass standing there like "Questions, Comments?" *crickets* Oh and get this the training is about diversity so how bout that this little black girl training all of these people on diversity at a time like this. I'm so much younger than most of the people in the company and I have a position of authority so people already have a problem accepting me so for me to come around talking about race, ethnicity and cultural differences among others is a trip to me. That will be my little inside amusement to help me through this long day. I just realized how much more optimistic and upbeat I am when I'm on the road as opposed to being in the office with all those birds and bitches. I've never been confused at where my unhappiness in my work comes from but when I'm away I realize more and more how they affect my mood and performance. I really need to get out of there, I can't stay on the road and sacrifice my family and I can't continue to work there and sacrifice my sanity. My husband finishes school in November and following that we'll have the resources for me to pursue my dreams and that's just what I'm gonna do. We talked about again this evening and he's anxious to repay the favor for taking the lead lately while he's struggling with school. I don't plan on staying home for long though just long enough to focus 100% on building my business and my family.

So, I can't wait for November cause that's my month of happiness. My 25th B-Day squared is on the 12th and my baby will realize his dream in the last week of November. Scorpios stand y'all freaky asses up LOL


Eb the Celeb said...

What is a 25th birthday squared... is that the same as a half birthday?

IamMe Like IT-Love IT-Hate IT said...

No, I should have said 25 plus 1 B-Day. I have chosen to stay 25 for a couple years so this is my second shot at it. Things look a lot different from this side of my 20's so, 30 be damned I won't see you for another 8-10 years LOL.