Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama vs. McCain vs. Us

I see the wires are already buzzing about the debate yesterday so I thought I would dedicate one post to this election.

If you notice I try very hard to stay away from politics in this blog, 1. Because I try not to avoid disagreements about those things and 2. I am a bit hard to understand in that arena because of the beliefs and views I have.

I don't trust politicians; Black, white or whatever I don't trust them. I am however pleasantly surprised and a bit confused as to how a Black man could and has gotten to the final race and because of that this race intrigues me. Don't get me wrong I am not taking away from him in any way. I think he deserves the spot he has worked for but I can not ignore the realistic view of america and how Our people are treated here. Everyday this country turns a blind eye to injustice and at the same time this country allows a Black man to possibly control it; I'm sorry if that's suspect to me but it is.

But here is the fact of the matter, there are hundreds of thousands of little black faces looking to him with hope that I have wished for them for a long time. Growing up in this society is hard for Our children. REAL role models are few and far between and the media projects so many negative and derogatory images on these kids it's a battle for them to find an identity in all that and it's sad. I have in the past attacked BET and still do for this fact alone. But regardless of who he is and what he will be and become the fact still stands that my nephews can see in him that you can reach higher than the studio and higher than the rim. That's what's important to me so that's what I will focus on.

Anyone involved with or working with a government with it's foot on my neck I don't trust. A government that allows the media to run rampant with negative images, propaganda, blatant racism, consumerism promotion, intellectual starvation and demoralization is not a government with my best interest at heart. And I do believe that that's where the brunt of america's problems originate. To see that neither candidate has addressed this from what I know (I could be wrong and I'm okay with that if you want to call me on it) makes me sad.

Part of the reason this country is in this financial state because of consumerism and I am guilty of that too. Everyone is searching and craving this "american dream" so We buy the house We couldn't afford in two lifetimes and the cars We don't need. This culture thrives on big bigger biggest and now We must reap what We sowed. I have heard the finger pointing going every which way to the banks that allowed the loans when they new they shouldn't, the mortgage companies, real estate market and so on but how about pointing the finger back at Us.

What makes you want that big house? So much that you would go into a contract knowing you can't hold up your end. What makes you rack up credit card debt till your eyes cross when you know your annual salary can't cover the bill. Why do We do these things, I have a theory maybe it's what We see, hear and are told. Who says to be respected and have status you have to have a fancy house and nice car? When did substance go out the window? I turn on the TV and see expensive things I can't afford, I'm assaulted with commercials and ads for all this shit I HAVE to have and then I turn to the news to learn what drugs I need to be on, that black men are still scary and coffee which would do wonders for my heart yesterday will kill me 20 years premature today.

The country in a whole is in turmoil but individual decisions have created crisis on a local level. We make the decision not to save money (and when I say We I mean Us not them remember that for future reference if you're going to read what I write) We make the decision to fall into the credit trap and We live beyond our means. I do understand the job shortage but at the same time that's not a cop out either. We make the decision to take the money We earn outside of the community and give it back to them, We could have made the decision to keep that money amongst Us and created our own jobs but lack of trust of one another, lack of the "leader" We don't need and the media made Us choose not to do that. Obama is a leader, obviously, but it saddens me that still after all these years of struggle for a people that has proved resilient and intelligent enough to survive still feels We need one man to tell Us things can change.

I walk through my neighborhood and see Obama t-shirts, buttons, flip flops (seriously) and I’m so perplexed why did it take so long if We can come together like this why did We wait. Is it solely on the strength of him? That’s a lot of weight for one man to carry no matter how great. I don’t want a quick fix because slapping a band aid on a wound this big would be a futile gesture but I don’t want bullshit promises either. You know that statement JFK made ask not what your country can do for you yadda yadda yadda, it takes on a whole new meaning for me now that I’m older. I don’t care what Obama or McCain can do for my people I only care about what I can do for them. I care about all of Us making a conscious decision to dedicate themselves to Us and fixing Us the right way. Politicians and presidents have came and went but We still have a horrible financial methods, our homes are still broken, our children are still lost and We still don’t trust each other enough to (as a majority) choose to patronize a Black business before another. There is no fucking way those of Asian and European decent should be able to come into our neighborhoods and set up shop (wow I’m getting heated but I will let it flow). This is not because I’m racist by any means, it’s because I’m upset that there is a gapping whole in Our community’s economy for them to move in. We should own the restaurants, bodegas, corner stores, and clothing stores in our own neighborhoods. There is no fucking way Our boys and men should have this major negative view of Our females. But We do nothing to stop the ass shaking and booty popping plastered all over pop culture, We say nothing to these TV stations that are supposed to be Ours. Martin shut down a whole transit bus system and We can’t shut BET down till they switch their style up? We complain about how hard it is for the Black man in this society but We won’t sacrifice trying to keep up with the Jones to save the money to create business and jobs to employ them.

For too long We have complained and complained about what’s wrong but We need to turn the onus back on ourselves and bear that burden till We fix it. Tavis Smiley had the right idea with the Covenant but We can’t come together to get behind it. And it doesn’t have to be a collective, one by one We can change Our lives. I think that Obama represents a lot of what We need to see today but he is not THE answer, no one man is. Do I believe what he says he can and will do, no. Do I hope a pray every night that he can and will do what he says, you damn right. This one fact worries me, if he doesn’t win (which doesn’t seem likely but hypothetically) or if he doesn’t do what he says what will We do? Will We go back to waiting for this “leader” or will We continue to believe in change? Politicians have made Us promises before time and time again and I can’t understand why We have yet to stop depending on them and depend on Us. I wish, as talented We are, that We used our individual skills selflessly for one night a week. If you’re into finance give a budgeting and credit seminar for the neighborhood. Can you cook? Make breakfast or lunch for the kids in the neighborhood who come home to an empty house cause mom and dad are working. Can you build things, good with your hands? Start your own community reform. See where I’m going with this. We don’t need anybody to help Us We possess power, creativity, and intelligence in volumes.

Now I am anti-politics but I will urge each and every one of you to vote for somebody, I won’t endorse one or the other because I hope that We are not being told who to vote for because that defeats the purpose. I want everyone to look at the issues, the platforms, watch the debates, listen to the speeches and make a decision out of intelligence not out of the thought process of the masses. There are a great number of people who shed blood to give you the right to vote so you should accept that and view it as a gift.

Forgetting the past will only leave you empty don’t let them make you forget under the illusion of controlled freedom, fight because They did for you. This battle is far from won.

*Side Note* I posted this and then read my quote of the day to the left, crazy right? Check it out.


Invisible Woman said...

Interesting video....

Anonymous said...

while i don't really dabble in politics, i did get a kick outta last nights debate. i though both candidates had valid things to say, but obama did a better job at delivering; mccain was very stiff and repetitive which made it hard to really grasp what he was saying most of the times.

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and1grad said...

I agree with all of this. I not only wonder what would happen if Obama lost...but what if he DOES win? Will people expect TOO MUCH from him? If he's not able to address enough things that black people think are black issues, will they start to label and turn away from him? I think whoever becomes the next President is going to inherit a-cant-win-for-losing scenario.

IamMe Like IT-Love IT-Hate IT said...

@ and1grad

History proves you right expectations are always high for a president coming in at the tail end or after a major war.

@ invisible woman

I deserve no credit I found it on youtube and it just fit today

@ marcus

I don't think McCain should ever debate anyone publicly I understand why he tried that funny business to get out of this. He just doesn't have the talent for it and Obama does that's why he shines in this arena every time they meet up

Shanequa said...

I do follow politics myself whether bad or good because I yearn to know what is going on in my country and how it affects me and my family. With that being said, I do have some of the same concerns as you but I know that my creator will work it out.....I just want a change from the pompous, irresponsible, Washington elite and this very intelligent man, who happens to be African-American, represents the ideas and policies that I happen to align myself with. Look at what happened when we gave a young, intelligent govenor from Arkansas a chance! Can we say SURPLUS!

I know it's impossible to separate the two, but I sincerely hope the American people can over come their personal and, in some cases, their racist reservations and choose the candidate with the best plan to turn America back into a respected and fruitful nation.

Ebony Intuition said...

"We should own the restaurants, bodegas, corner stores, and clothing stores in our own neighborhoods."

Got that right