Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Look Out ANNNNNND a Stoolie

Shortly after I arrived at work this morning Baby Huey walked past my office door as stealth as a 6'2 250++ woman can be and scurried out of the hall door located just to the left of my door. Then she comes back in the door, and 2 seconds later the peocock comes in the door like her stupid ass stood out there and counted. She came in here trying to go a little batty on me but I answered her questions with a smile and that sweet IamMe charm and sent her on her way. Just for good measure I sent her a spreadsheet I worked on last night seconds later with a Thanks! at the end of the email. Huey has it in for me for real, and the peacock is a sheep following her emotions like they're her own.

Yesterday we were supposed to have our monthly staff meeting and the peacock canceled it via email and copied everyone in the department besides me. I didn't even say shit I just left for a long lunch and said fuck em. Please let somebody respond to one of the hundreds of resumes I've been sending off into monster land, please. They better be lucky I need health benefits for our soon to be pregnancy because I would leap out on faith and rid my self of this stress I don't need.

Oh update on the new girl, just like I suspected she is not a good fit. The first day she was here she came in to sit with me for a while so we could talk about what she does for me. I start going through all this stuff and I notice she's not writing any thing down hell she didn't even have a note pad! So I'm like okay, what have you learned so far (this was her second day and the training on the assistant position is intense) she looks at me with a blank stare and says I don't know. *crickets* So I'm like you won't really see me too much in the mornings I'm usually in about 8:45 or 9, I usually come in a little later because I stay later and plus I'm salary so the hours are more flexed. She goes yeah you probably won't see me this early no more either I live too far away to be getting up that early. *crickets* She's hourly and she starts at 8 and needs to punch in at 8. That shit is crazy and this is the candidate that the Peacock and Huey wouldn't let us interview now I see why. Usually myself or one of my counterparts will interview the assistants because they don't work for us but the work they do is "for" us. This girl they wouldn't let us interview, just told us she had the job. Seriously I'm so happy it happened like that because when she fails to retain yet another employee it won't be the black girls fault.

LOL I told her "see you tomorrow!" the other day as she was leaving for the day and she replied, yeah maybe. LMAO I'm just sitting back and watching this shit fall apart.


clnmike said...

6'2 250?

Man thats a lot of woman.

IamMe Like IT-Love IT-Hate IT said...

@ clnmike

Now imagine her a crying blubbering mess everyday and you're looking at my life at work.

Hagar's Daughter said...

I hope you keep this going so that we can read what happened with new assistant - does she stay, quit, or gets fired.

Sorry you're having such a rough time at the office.