Monday, September 22, 2008

Angry Black Woman Syndrome

Soooo...... remember the "teamwork" meeting that I was supposed to have with my boss this morning? Yeah so no surprise here but that meeting was actually about me. I come in the meeting and my boss opens up with, Well Dumbass (the nickname I have for the dumb little bitch behind the meeting) has considered leaving her position here because of your attitude and because she can't approach you. What!?!?!? Ya'll I went ape shit in this meeting and I don't think any of them bargined for what they got. I drove hard on Dumbass and forced her to give me examples of this alleged attitude and she had none so we moved on the the next topic.

There is a new person starting and reporting to Baby Huey tommorrow and she's trying to throw her lack of management skills off on me. She has had 4 people that report to her leave in the last 2 years. First she came to me and told me that she feels threatend by me because the people that report to her would rather talk to me than her. There's nothing I can do about that, I can't help having this personality and plus people will want to be around you naturally if you have a pleasant disposition and treat people half as nice as you'd like to be treated. I even went so far as cutting off contact with her employees on a personal level but again if you have poor management skills it will still effect. She starts going into how it used to frustrate her when one of her former employees said my name. Again, What!?!?!?! WTF am I supposed to do about that. Is that my problem? I'm going to make it my business to stay so far away from this new chick as possible. So when she fails at managing yet another employee maybe my boss will wake up and smell the shit someone smeared all over our department.

So, you know I'm going OFF at this point because the meeting was pointless and they thought I would just sit there and let them accuse me of angry black woman syndrome and put my thumb in my mouth. I wasn't rude or ignorant but I didn't take no shit off them either. I explained to both Dumbass and Huey that if they have a question or issue, work related, my door is always open and they can feel free to ask me whatever at will. I don't care about your kids, dog, husband, house or any other asinine shit about your personal life. So at this point Huey is ready to cry and she says, I just want a comfortable working relationship, and I said like the kind where you can ask a question and get a comprehensive answer? She said yes and I asked so how is that different from what has happened up until this point? She couldn't say anything and excused herself from the room.

Then once her posse was gone the Peacock flipped sides and agreed with everything I said, co-signing like that shit was going to make all this better. I told her I didn't appreciate being blind sided with this. Her response was I wanted to talk to you about the nature of this meeting this morning but I didn't get a chance because I arrived late this morning. I just looked at her, the meeting notice went out on Thursday and I talked to her 3 times Thursday and twice on Friday not including the hour long conference call we had Friday afternoon. Miss me with the bullshit because I'm not buying it. She had no intention of telling me what the real deal was and I'm no longer interested.

Hopefully I will be able to channel the bullshit of today into my focus to get away from this place and corporate Amerikkka as a whole. Hopefully by the time I make it to my car tonight I will have channeled this into a positive energy.


The F$%K it List said...

GIRL I know this too well. So well that I left my VP spot at a firm I was with for 7 years. The headache was too much to deal with after a while.

Best thing I ever did, I left and went to the competitor.