Monday, September 15, 2008

Panthers 20, Bears 17

Man, this some bullshit.

Even after dominating this game for the first half, even after we sent Delhomme back to the sidelines after a sack that left little tweety birds flying around his head, even though they were playing without Steve Smith cause he socked Lucas punk ass the bad news Bears couldn't make it happen.

Man, this some bullshit.

Devin is hurt (WTF Chicago are we made of freakin glass???) Greg Olsen is on my shit list and will be until he starts showing up Game Day with super glue on his hands.

Meanwhile....Rex is still working out on the sidelines with his helmet on LMAO! Pssst Rex you're not playing we're sick of you it's Orton's show now. P.S. Kyle didn't have any turnovers Whoop Whoop but he's still over throwing baby steps people baby steps it could be worse...