Friday, September 19, 2008

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Whew! I am on my way back to the Go, I'm waiting for my flight in Dayton airport. I've been in Lima, it was a good trip but a safety audit, 2 marathon long business calls about some nastiness in one of my other branches and an hour long conference call and I'm wiped. Even when I leave the state the peacock is still fucking with me. I have to have a teamwork meeting with her and Baby Huey Monday, whatev. It's messed up cause I know what happened to everyone else is about to happen to me, anytime there is an issue with Baby Huey she's never wrong and the other person is forced to apologize in writing. Well I just might be losing my job Monday or pissing my boss off so much that she fires me eventually cause I won't be apologizing to her not now not ever.

This all started when she and I were talking one day and I stumbled upon a thought that was a good idea to act on. We brainstormed and she did put in 1 or 2 good points so I'll give her credit for that. We went to talk to my boss and during the meeting she portrayed the idea like her own, I didn't trip. My boss told us to write a proposal to submit to the President of the company. I wrote the proposal till 3 in the morning and sent it to her the next day to look over for grammer and error for a double check. She took it and turned it in as her own, I tripped and pulled out of the project let her fall on her face. Then after was promoted to Manager in a meeting my counterpart announced it and she rolled her eyes making everyone come to me afterwards wanting to know what she has against me. Strike three. She used to come in my office EVERYDAY, this is not an exaggeration, and cry about one thing or another. I cut that shit out only to have the peacock come to me about a week later asking why I don't invite Huey to lunch more often and ask her about her personal life, no lie. I went to my boss and explained to her exactly why I didn't want to work with her on any projects and why I didn't want to know her on a personal level and she acted like she understood obviously not or maybe she's having one of those pesky bouts of amnesia she has but now I have to have a fucking team meeing with this insufferable bitch to repeat what has already been said and I won't be nice. Both of them can miss me with the emotional bullshit they're kicking cause I have NO patience for that shit in the workplace. You know men expect us to be crying emotional wrecks in the workplace and she proves them right it sickens me. Flights boarding I'll rant later.